10 Steps For Smarter & Safer Gambling
  1. Research your bets, check the stats, check the odds, how likely are you to lose?
  2. Never chase your losses, if you lose a bet, swallow your pride and walk away
  3. Gamble for fun and not to raise funds for normal living expenses
  4. Only spend what you can afford to lose
  5. Keep track of your profits and losses, it helps show how efficient your spend is
  6. Consistently losing, even within your budget is not responsible gambling
  7. Consider how much time you're spending on your devices
  8. Sober is safer, don't gamble drunk
  9. Don't gamble on events you know nothing about, just because its all that's on
  10. Know where to get help if you're struggling. Speak to friends, family & support services
Follow These Key Themes To Stay Responsible
Responsible gambling image When the fun stops, stop

Managing how we gamble, is managing how we spend - You have to know when to stop. Consider what are safe amounts to spend and when you've passed that you have to stop.

We understand habits are easily formed and gambling addiction can engulf our lives when it's not treated. If you ever feel like gambling has become an unmanageable obsession, you have an addiction and you need to STOP!

Set Limits

Setting a deposit limit is a protective measure that lots of punters use to cap their spend regardless of their levels of play. It's good practice when you open your account or add new payment cards to check and set your spend limits.

If you’re setting a deposit limit to curb problem spending, you need to think about taking a break to address the possibility of problem gambling.

responsible gambling setting a deposit limit image
responsible gambling have fun but be responsible image
Have Fun

Gambling is a past-time that's inherently about staking a wager on our opinion of an outcome. That means you take a punt that you’re right about something happening and we love it. Who doesn't love being right, especially when you’re putting your money where your mouth is.

But when it stops being fun and causes you to feel stressed or worried, it's time to give it up and try a new happier hobby.

Get Help

If you're feeling worried or stressed because of gambling, there are lots of ways to fix it. Getting help is one of the best steps you can take towards freeing yourself of that burden. There are organisations and charities set up to help those who have become trapped by gambling addiction and you should also try and talk to friends and family. Check out our gambling addiction statements here to see if you could be suffering with problem gambling habits. But first of all you need to stop.

If you need help, visit BeGambleAware.org or call free on 0808 8020 133

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